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Mentorship Program

Dr. Dial accepts mentees, ages 15-21 for a monthly mentorship program on the farm. The mentorship program is designed to build confidence, create momentum, and help young mentees develop healthy coping mechanisms to enable them to more adequately handle the stresses that life brings.

The program consists of 36 hours per month and includes daily barn chores and horse handling, nature-based learning, self-reflective journaling, horseback riding, and one-on-one mentorship with Dr. Dial. 

This program is ideal for young people that may be struggling with social issues, low self-esteem, poor communication, depression and anxiety, and/or trouble finding direction and motivation. 


To inquire about the Mentorship Program please fill out the contact form to get started.  

“I first started my journey with Dr. Ashley’s month-long program in November of 2021, unfortunately I hadn’t been able to find enough help elsewhere.

She helped me though the basics of learning how to care and be around horses. Slowly I was able to bond and get to know each of the horses special needs and individual personalities. While learning to care for and love all of the horses, it taught me so much about communication skills and also about myself.

And with the exercises about boundaries, I was able to build a strong foundation for confidence building. The lessons of life, and myself, that Mrs. Ashley taught me, I will remember forever.“

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