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Wellness Centered Retreat & Farm

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Ashley E. Dial, PhD
Wellness & Empowerment Coach

Helping clients to reclaim their sense of purpose and belonging, Dr. Dial is deeply passionate about creating healing spaces that inspire transformation.


Focusing on each client's individual needs in order to create the fullest expression of Wellness and Empowerment in their lives, her approach is grounded in the understanding that our behavior is rooted in unconscious patterns. In order to change our behavior, we must explore these deep roots, expanding our awareness around why we are who we are.


Dr. Dial often implores the healing power of her horses during in-person coaching sessions but also makes herself available for virtual coaching.  

Also facilitating Day Retreats, and Soul Tending Retreats, you can find her guiding clients along their path towards greater self-awareness and inner peace.


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"This has become a place where I can come and let my guard down and be free to express myself in any way I need to. Whether we are going for a trail ride or just walking through the pasture, I always learn another aspect about myself."



"Antler & Ash retreats offered me a wholly unique experience. Ashley brings with her an equine entourage that is mystical and yet profoundly grounded and pure of heart. Earth meets sky on the ranch. Her space has been imbued with spiritual medicine and Ashley holds her space with love and gentleness."

- Joyce


""If you're looking for a place to repair your heart, soul, and mind, look no further. . . I have grown and healed in many ways in a short amount of time."


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Tel: 615-392-0296

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Culleoka, TN 38451

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